Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Hell, a truly flawed concept indeed. However, before I tell you my reasons for these views, I will tell you my background involving hell. I was raised by a christian father of no particular denomination. His beliefs involving hell was that, it was made to hold demons and humans didn't need to fear it. When you died, you actually died and then when rapture came, you would be brought back to life if you were worthy. If you weren't, you stayed dead and continued to rot in the ground. Belief didn't appear to be necessary to enter heaven, you only needed to be a good person.
As you can imagine, from this view, this made hell already a ludicrous concept. Even in my younger days I never flinched when someone mentioned hell. Now that I don't believe in it at all, I laugh at it freely. In other words, it's ALWAYS been a stupid concept to me I have NEVER in my life ever had to worry about burning in hell and have been able to roll my eyes at any attempts to intimidate me with such jargon.

Hell was a concept introduced in the new testament by Jesus Christ, though he preached many good things he also never hesitated to mention that people who did not seek salvation through him, would be doomed. Hell is stereotyped as a burning pit below the crust of the earth, though many believe that hell is not an actual place you can reach by literally digging and that it exists as a spirit world of sorts. Depicted as a burning pit of fire in which demons take great delight in torturing sinners.
However, there's something wrong with this already. As we all know, Hell was originally created as a holding place for demons. So why does it even make sense for demons, which hate YHWH anyway, to torture mortals. Some people say that the demons are being tortured too and that's fine. Some people say that demons derive pleasure from hurting anyone they can also fine. I can roll with that. However, eternal torture is a ludicrous concept. Especially if you take in issues that humans have. Many humans are quite well adapted to not only tolerate the stereotypical hell, but would ENJOY it.
Lets not even get into how sadistic you have to be to believe that you will actually ENJOY watching people suffer simply because they didn't believe your way. Many people have stated quite plainly that you could live a wonderfully pleasant life and helped everyone you could but died a sinner anyway because you didn't accept christ. Understandable view because of Jesus's statements that he was the only way to heaven. Many people are actually humane about this and beg other people with genuine fear for their mortal soul. I congratulate these people on having a heart, unlike some of you.
Enough ranting though, yes, there are people who would enjoy hell. As you know, there are people with issues, they derive pleasure from pain.
Hell just doesn't work anyway, one would assume that eternal torture is something people would get used too. I'd argue that you'd even get bored being tortured everyday. The same thing all the time, you are going to get used to it eventually. Then again the fact that some people actually enjoy pain just destroys it all together anyway.
Now, I confess, I'm not an expert on hell and there are probably people who are rolling their eyes or crying their eyes out but you know what? I feel sorry for you guys that you actually have to live with that unnecessary burden on your shoulders. I never had to worry about being traumatized by what is only a scare tactic. Other religions doubtless have their own hells that I don't know about and maybe one of them would make sense.
Then again maybe hell is actually a metaphor for emotional pain and grief of your own failures. Then again there are also sick individuals that derive pleasure from emotional misery as well. In the end, it doesn't really matter because even if you don't consider all the variables, it's still just a scare tactic used to traumatize kids and make you feel like shit. Put unnecessary guilt on you. Quite frankly, it's downright criminal and anyone who uses the carrot and whip strategy like this on children is guilty of psychologically traumatizing their kid.
For those of you out there that like pain, I envy you from the smart ass comments you are capable of making when people tell you that you are going to burn forever. Because even if you do go to heaven, your heaven would be hell.
Keep in mind I am not an expert and I'm just speculating, but in my opinion, this is some stupid shit that people believe. And if you want to refute me, keep in mind that the bible most likely doesn't address things like this. So anything you say is speculation, just like what I'm doing. Keep it in mind.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hello everyone, my name is Akulshae and I am a pissed off atheist chick that has decided to, rather then tell people to their face that they are ignorant fuckers that believe the dumbest shit, to blog about it on the internet and hope they don't find out about it there.

Maybe if I'm lucky, no one will care, but oh well, doesn't really matter either way.

I have a crappy Youtube account in which I have come to the realization that I sport a british accent for no real reason at all. I can't even help it. Regardless, let me just say that, true to the websites name, I think faith is for the stupid, the gullible and for those who can't think for themselves.

Okay, I'm pretty gullible myself, but at least I don't believe that the world was created by an invisible sky fairy that appears to have the mental stability of one who suffers from schizophrenia!
Call me insane, but if I worshiped a god, I'd like to know that he is just as sane or more sane then myself.

Some people may say that I'm a godless heretic and I'm going to burn in hell, but you know what, that's okay because I think you're stupid. I really do.

Please keep in mind that, wether or not you are winning a debate against me, after I make about 3 posts, I'm going to quit due to extreme laziness. I've even quit an argument when I was winning!
Then I quit one where someone was talking about things I hadn't heard of and was therefore at a distinct disadvantage. Honestly I thought that the guy was believing only what he wanted to believe.
No offense, but when I want to believe something, I usually investigate to find out more about it and as a result, find out that it's bullshit. I hate that, but still, the point is made that you can't believe everything just because it sounds good.

For those of you wondering, I am an atheist-agnostic with nihilistic views (except that I think that morality is completely natural due to behavior amongst other social animals that I see as moral and needed for their survival which can be applied to us very easily) and a polytheistic deistic "what if" scenario.
Why did I think of a what if scenario? I don't know, I just started thinking about it and it made sense to me. Not saying I have proof or know anything for sure, but that doesn't mean you can't speculate.
Then again, my speculations have obviously led me to the conclusion that there is no god. Or at least that the christian god doesn't exist. You tend not to believe any other religions anyway.